You can request a FREE quote - there is no obligation on your part. An Eastcom Coordinator will respond to your request and review the information you have submitted. If they have questions, they will contact you by phone and/or email. Your Project Coordinator will email you the quote, follow up by phone to make sure you received it and answer any questions you may have at that time.

Eastcom services include:

Directional Drilling: 

Often referred to as "trenchless technology" utilizes special machines that install underground conduit with virtually no impact to the surface area, disruption to traffic flow, landscaping or structures. Conduit size typically ranges from 1" poly or PVC to 12". Once the crews clean up it will look virtually undisturbed. Best utilized in residential and commercial zones. Advantages of Directional Drilling include:

Underground Services:

Whether you have a small project and just need to get under a driveway or a larger scale project we have the resources and experience to get it done for you. . Working with Eastcom is like having your own underground construction department - on demand; we can turnkey the entire project for you.

Private Utility Locating: Is a service for the locating of private utilities and other hidden lines that are not directly associated, installed, or controlled by electric, water, phone, or gas utility companies. Eastcom will provide a private locating professional to survey and map out your job site or property.