Eastcom Directional Drilling, Inc.


We are a company specializing in directional boring and trenching services for both commercial and residential customers.  We have the capacity to perform directional drilling work in city streets, river and creek crossings, private roadways and parking lots, and railroads. We have experience in all types of soils including rock, sand, and clay and are able to drill in material up to 12 inches in diameter pipe.  We are fully committed to maintaining an on time schedule and satisfying landowners leaving little to no land disturbance. 

We also offer private utility locating in conjunction with standard Miss Utility services as well as assistance in the planning and management of your project if so desired.


We look forward to discussing, and bidding, any potential horizontal directional drilling projects your company may require. 

 We Specialize in:

  Field Operations:(757) 777-5027